Mission Statement

The mission of the UAS Insurance Association is to assist the insurance industry in establishing and maintaining practices and procedures focused on the growing world of UASs in commercial operations and insuring that the unique interests and perspectives of the insurance industry  associated with UAS are identified and effectively managed through insurance and other techniques of risk mitigation.  Additionally, it is to, where appropriate, educate the drone industry on all aspects of insurance and, as necessary, act as an advocate on behalf of the insurance industry.

The UAS Insurance Association, (UASIA), is an industry group focused on all aspects of insurance, risk management and safety which involve manufacturers, operators and users of drones/unmanned aircraft systems in the National Airspace System for commercial purposes.

As this rapidly growing industry continues to develop, both on the commerical and regulatory fronts, it is evident that the interests and concerns of the insurance industry grow as well.  This includes not only hull or liability insurance coverages, the development of underwriting standards, claims management processes and risk mitigation strategies.  Regulatory uncertainties, the absence of the risk based body of experience and  the ever increasing concerns about the collision between a drone and manned aircraft, present to the insurance industry a set of issues which are of concern.  The UAS Insurance Association provides a voice for those concerns and a vehicle to act on them.

In addition to bringing together interested insurers, brokers and others involved in the insurance area with a unified voice, the UASIA will provide to its members:

  • regular “insider” briefings from, among others, Jim Williams, Co-Chair of the Dentons UAS Practice Group and former Manager of the FAA’s UAS Integration Office.
  • a vehicle to comment on FAA and other federal level rulemakings as the process unfolds and the industry grows.
  • input into state level legislative activities targeting drones/UASs.
  • policy wordings affecting coverage
  • contracts and contract wordings that can be used to buy or sell UAS services in a way so as to maximize the management of the risks.
  • real-time alerts summarizing developments in the UAS world
  • effective access to UAS decision-makers both in the industry, the FAA and on Capitol Hill
    • advocacy on issues of concern and a single source for “all things” related to this burgeoning industry.

Members of the UASIA Founding Board include:

  • Allianz Aviation
  • AIG Aviation
  • Global Aerospace
  • Transport Risk Management

If your company is interested in joining with it’s colleagues in the insurance industry and joining UASIA as a Founding Member, please contact Barbara Butler at barbara.butler@uasinsurance.org or (703) 336-8704.